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“Give me details!” This is probably the line we’ve heard most since our friends and family found out Paul and I are adopting a baby.  The beauty of this adoption is that there aren’t a whole bunch of details.  We want to adopt a baby, and attempt to overdose him in love and spoil her rotten.  We don’t know a boat load about our Crayon-Eater…what gender or exactly where they’ll be born or even what color our kiddo will be, but we DO know God has absolutely called us to adopt our Sticky-Fingered-Cry-Through-The-Nighter, and we can’t wait!!

We plan to adopt from Mississippi through Bethany Christian Services, but if our baby is from some other state, we love that, too.  We haven’t restricted the process to a specific gender or race, and we are in the very very beginning stages of the process with months and months ahead of us.  Months we’ll spend praying for our Biddy-Booty-Baby, their birth parents, and ourselves in our new roles as mom and dad.  We’re wildly excited, and praying for successful fundraisers that will help us raise funds to bring our kiddo home.  We’ll keep you informed, and in the mean time, consider throwing us a bone and buy a t-shirt, share our Facebook statuses, vote on a hairstyle, and pray pray pray, because this is only and all for the Glory of Jesus Christ our King.

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