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You know the unmistakable feeling that it’s almost Friday? We’re in a spot in the process of adoption where it’s ‘almost Friday’ and it feels really really good! Let me fill you in.

This week we clicked submit on an application- the giant one with all the info that takes a really long time and is filled with theological essays on your beliefs, yes that one. And a mere 2 days later we were approved to move forward to the home studies! Hop up right quick and dance party with me because this is my favorite part of the process! I told my friend Bailey that we’re finally through the thick of it where things are slow and boring and into the part where things get done. We have submitted countless names for references, paid some partial payments, and are lining up our orientation interview. Guys, we have some major progress!! We are attending a mandatory adoption conference in the next few weeks and trucking along.

After we finish our home studies, our agency will work on matching us with a birth mother. Will you join me in praying for her? I know God is masterfully working things so that our lives collide at the perfect moment, and we’re just covering her and Little Bit in all the prayer heaven can handle.

Also, wanna snag a t-shirt from us? I can’t express how much your support helps. has all the goodies you can grab. You can also donate cash by clicking donate button at the top right. (Shoutout to A1 Graphics for supporting our adoption every time we ask. ❤️)

So here is the question we get asked most: boy or girl? We haven’t specified a gender and are open to either! Just like folks who have babies in a traditional way without adoption, we don’t place many stipulations on the process. So the question is, what do YOU think it will be? Our hearts say: boy. We want to hear your guess, though! You’ve been robbed of all the elements to help you cheat your guess- we don’t know heart rate, if he/she is carrying high or low, or what cravings have been. But we do know that that sweet little Snuggler is already so so loved, whether boy or girl.

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