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If you read our previous post you know that we had to start our adoption process over from the beginning, so we’re working our way through all the introductory hoops. We’ve completed pre-applications, information info, read policies, reread policies, and attended a webinar. We just received a link to our formal application. Here we go, friends!

After this application we will go through a series of home study visits. We’ll complete background checks, health and wellness checks, and we’ll attend a mandatory adoption conference after the start of the new year.

Here is what we’re doing alongside our paperwork: we’re fundraising. We’ll be at the PineBelt Holiday Expo on Saturday, Nov 16 selling goodies. COME SEE US! We would love to talk with you about adoption, give you a tight hug, and thank you for walking with us. We will have MISSUHSIPEEE shirts for sale along with the Mississippi mosaic shirt. Some of you have worn that MISSUHSIPEEE shirt slam out, so come grab a new one and wrap up all your Christmas shopping in one spot by getting your crew a shirt!

If you’re wondering what Solomon thinks about all of this, he asks if every baby I hold is ours. HAHAH! That’s either our baby or it’s Baby Jesus, there is no in between for him. He loves babies, wants to help take care of them, and can’t focus on anything else if there is a crying baby within earshot. He will be a fun, empathetic, and sweet big brother, and we know he will cherish a sibling. If you ask if he wants a brother or a sister you’ll get a solid “YES” from him. We aren’t picky either, Solomon. We are so lucky to grow our family through adoption.

Wanna Help?
+Share our posts about adoption on Facebook!
+Come see us at the Holiday Expo on Nov 16
+Pray that our birth mother feels at peace in choosing us to love her baby. We want her to feel so confident in her decision and so good about it.

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