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We must must must start with THANK YOU.  There is no way to fully express the extent of our gratitude. You guys are simply the best.  You’ve mailed us secret cash in the mail (which was completely AWESOME whoever you are), bought more t-shirts than you could possibly wear, and all for the love of our baby. Insert a celebratory appreciation dance party here in honor of you. You are THE funnest most wonderful friends and family we could have. Thanks for being exceptional.

As for the update, guys, we’re well on our way to becoming licensed parents. Now, I kind of made that up, but right now we are working towards becoming “licensed,” so I’m totally okay saying we’ll be licensed parents. (: So far we have completed 2 of 3 home-studies.  WHAT?! I know! We’re excited, too! Our case-worker works super quickly and is Johnny on the Spot, and we love that.  Our 3rd and final home-study is next Friday. After this home-study we will be waiting on a birth-mother to choose us to love and spoil her baby rotten.  As you know, we haven’t placed many limitations on the process, so we hope the wait won’t be too long.  Of course, we’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime we still have a boatload of MISSUHSIPEEE t-shirts calling your name, two special edition MISSUHSIPEEE pillows that are seriously perfect for a dorm room (and are handmade by the AMAZING Mary Beth Griffin), and finally a MISSUHSIPEEE necklace by the very crafty Jennifer Sheridan (  MISSUHSIPEEE is in.

If you’re looking for a specific way to pray you can join us in praying for the birth-parents of our baby, for our baby as he/she faces some tough stuff being given up for adoption, and for us as new parents. We’re thankful for you.


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